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Produktentwicklung bei Studitemps

We are jobvalley

In 2008, Studitemps was founded by Benjamin Roos and Andreas Wels, who were students at the time. Our platform went online in the same year – today the biggest job exchange in Germany for students. Then came time for a change. Since October 2021 we have operated under our new brand name jobvalley, to reflect the fact that our orientation toward customer groups and digitalization has changed. We are represented by more than 400 employees across Germany, of whom about 60 are involved in our product development.

Wie wir arbeiten

Autonomous TeamsHow we work

Our teams are entirely self-organized: we make decisions about programming languages, processes and tools within the teams. No one has to apply to work remotely, to take vacation or for training. In consultation with their team, everybody makes their own decisions, such as where they wish to work from and which conferences or training events they wish to attend from the available training budget. In our view, decisions should be taken where the required knowledge is available for them.