We are developing the leading digital platform for flexible work

Gemeinsam Erschaffen

What drives usCreating together

We are product owners, software engineers, UI designers, UX architects, data analysts and scrum masters. In seven scrum teams, we are working together to revolutionize the jobs market for students, young professionals, and companies with our digital solutions.

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Our MissionAcademics First

We place particular focus on students and graduates. We take care of cash and prospects. We find jobs with a secure income and then enable a smooth transition into professional life. This has already persuaded more than 92,000 students.

How do we do this? Our digital products bring graduates and businesses together. Our student app and the coporate portal are the digital touchpoints that link the availability of students to our customers’ search for workforce. It’s a perfect match!

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How we workOur philosophy

We do not believe in forcing people into rigid structures – our teams are entirely self-organized. Remote working, work hours, ongoing training and the technologies used are just a few of the decisions that are made together within the teams. We have discovered that working together is most productive and most enjoyable when we can decide for ourselves how to organize it.

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