UI & UXInterface between human and technology

UXUI - 01

We don’t build products for users. But for people.

A popular product can only be created if you know who it is for and what requirements it has to fulfil. Did anybody mention user involvement here? We involve the end users right from the requirements analysis stage, through prototyping and testing and subsequent iterations. Our aim is for our software to integrate seamlessly into the everyday work environments of our users.

UXUI - 02

How we work

We are a diverse group, and that’s a good thing. Everybody works differently and everyone has a different idea of how they like to work. As a permanent scrum team member, as a point of contact for questions, as a guardian of the design system or as an in-house consultant, there is always a way for each person to contribute their strengths to the team. But most importantly, the waterfalls stay in the wild, where they are most attractive.

UXUI - 03

Our design system

What was that again? Checkbox or toggle switch? Do we actually have an inactive state for the outline button? Single or double-column forms? H1 always 32-pt medium? A lot of questions don’t have simple answers. So we solve problems on the basis of context. This not only enables the users of the system to answer questions themselves at the smallest level but also helps when solving complex sets of problems.