Our missionThe future of flexible working


We are digitalizing the market

Seven cross-functional scrum teams are working on our digital platform, which is catapulting flexible working and the search for suitable personnel into a new era. Our software products are based on intelligent matching algorithms and machine learning.

Unser Motto - Temping made easy

Our digital platform

At the heart of our digital platform, everything is centered on the student app and the customer portal for direct communication between users.

On top of this comes Jobmensa, Germany’s biggest and best-known job exchange for students, plus internal software for automated contract preparation, time tracking, billing and payroll accounting. At the center are always the people who use our products.

Produktentwicklung bei Studitemps

Product development at jobvalley

We like to launch new concepts or visions on a clean sheet of paper or remotely using a Miro board. Our tools include user interviews, design thinking, design sprints and user story mapping, and our objective is always to understand our users’ problems before we come up with solutions.